We currently offer 3 levels of physics courses. Physics 165, 101, 102, 103 is a calculus based sequence for scientists and engineers. Physics 142 and 143 is an algebra based physics sequence for life science majors, pre-med, pre-dental, and optometry students. We also offer general education courses with a much reduced mathematical treatment through Physics 160, 180, Physical Science 52 and 161.

Astronomy 160 and it's optional laboratory course Astro 151 are also general education offerings and can also be used by general science majors.

The Physics lab program and Astronomy lab program use state of the art equipment, and are some of the best lab programs in the state.


PHYS 101 General Physics: Mechanics 4 unit(s)
PHYS 102 General Physics: Waves, Thermodynamics, and Optics 4 unit(s)
PHYS 103 General Physics: Electricity, Magnetism & Modern Physics 4 unit(s)
PHYS 142 Mechanics, Heat and Waves 4 unit(s)
PHYS 143 Electricity, Magnetism, Optics, Atomic and Nuclear Structure 5 unit(s)
PHYS 160 Descriptive Introduction to Physics 3 unit(s)
PHYS 164 Physics Environmental Laboratory 1 unit(s)
PHYS 165 Introductory Physics 5 unit(s)
PHYS 180 Conceptual Physics: A Hands-On Approach 4 unit(s)

Physical science

PHSCI 52 The Way Things Work 3 unit(s)
PHSCI 161 Science Matters 3 unit(s)
PHSCI 164 Physical Science Environmental Laborarory 1 unit(s)


ASTRO 55 Exploring the Night Sky 1 unit(s)
ASTRO 141 Introduction to Astrophysics 3 unit(s)
ASTRO 151 Introduction to Astronomy (Laboratory) 1 unit(s)
ASTRO 160 Introduction to Modern Astronomy 3 unit(s)