Modesto Junior College Observatory

Quick Information
Location Modesto Junior College - West Campus
Latitude 37.663425
Longitude -121.038322
Construction Completed Fall 2012 (expected)
Primary Telescope 28 inch PlaneWave CDK700
Piggyback Telescope 4 inch Takahashi FSQ-106ED
Camera Apogee Alta U16M
Spectrometer SBIG SGS with High Res Grating
Dome Size 23ft (diameter)
Architect Lionakis
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The Modesto Junior College Observatory is a high grade instrument for observing the night sky. It rests in a small tower structure behind the Science Community Center on the West Campus. It was paid for via the measure E bond voted in by citizens of Modesto.

What is an Observatory?

An observatory is a covered instrument shelter, usually hemispherical, protecting a telescope used for observation of celestial events.

Observatory Capabilities

Our observatory will be able to perform visible-light observation of the night sky using a very impressive 28-inch cassegrain telescope (Corrected Dall-Kirkham, CDK). This includes live digital output using our CCD camera, astrophotography also using the CCD camera, spectrography using a spectrometer, and naked eye observation through an eyepiece.