Modesto Junior College Planetarium

Quick Information
Location Modesto Junior College - West Campus
Construction Completed Fall 2012 (expected)
Dome Size 40ft (diameter)
Maximum Seating Capacity 120 people
Mechanical Star Projector Zeiss Skymaster ZKP 4 Projector
Digital Star Projectors (2x) Zeiss Powerdome Velvet Projectors
Architect Lionakis
Artist (external figures) Dr. Richard Serros
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The MJC Planetarium is a world class teaching and outreach tool being constructed on the MJC West Campus thanks to the Measure E bond passed by voters of Modesto.

What is a planetarium?

A planetarium is a theater-in-the-round, whose ceiling is hemispherical and presents a simulation of the night sky. The sky displays (for tonight or for any place in the world and at any time in the past or future) stars, planets, the Moon and its phases and meteor showers. It can also be used as a horizon-to-horizon screen for projecting computer graphics that can show us the northern lights, constellation figures, or movies.

A Technical Marvel

The planetarium uses exceptional optics from the world famous company Zeiss. Using a combination of the Zeiss ZKP 4 mechanical star projector and two Zeiss Velvet digital projectors, the planetarium is one of the most advanced in the world. It is also the first installation of Velvet projectors in the United States, and the only planetarium in the world to use both of these amazing projectors.